Take control of your time.

Instant interactions.

Touch Tiller to instantly summon your timers.

Turn Tiller to select the right timer.

Tap Tiller to start the selected timer.

Double Tap Tiller to add comments and edit entries.

Beautiful hardware.


Machined aluminium

A precision machined aluminium dial perfectly meets your finger, giving a delightful tactility to using Tiller.

Precision bearing

Tiller uses a perfectly smooth rotary bearing, engineered to provide a satisfying resistance navigating between tasks.

Reliable USB

Tiller uses a hardwired connection to your computer, meaning always-on reliability and no batteries to charge.

Perfectly weighted

Tiller's weight, combined with its rubber pad, means that it stays put on your desk, right where you need it.

Detailed reports.

Detailed reports

See an informative top-level overview of your time, then drill down in detail.

Fast filters

View reports with convenient date presets, as well as customised date ranges.

Billable breakdowns

Mark timers as billable and get a better feel for your productivity through the day.

Easy exports

Export your data to CSV anytime, and run your own custom analytics.

Timers that work the way you do.


Add as many, or as few, timers as you like.


Give timers a splash of color and see your day more clearly.


Drag-and-drop timers to create a structure that works for you.


Understand your billing productivity through the day.
Dive deeper.

Instant edits

Double tap Tiller, and Tiller transforms into a quick scrub control to add and remove time from your day.


Add comments that help to contextualise your time and improve reporting for your clients.

Seamless integrations.

Smart import

Tiller automatically maps your existing timer structure to our smart, flexible timers.

Seamless sync

Keep working and Tiller syncs your time in the background.
"Tiller makes time tracking a habit for me. Without Tiller, I don’t track time."
Chris, NYC