How it works

Tiller has been designed to help you track your time with as little effort as possible. Fewer interactions means less disruption to your natural workflow. Start and stop timers with a single tap. Turn Tiller to switch tasks. Double tap to see quick reports and analytics.


Tiller is designed to work with Mac and Windows. It works as a standalone desktop app, and integrates with other popular time tracking products. Features include:



Detailed Reports


Quick Insights


Tiller works alone, and also works with these great products to help make them even more useful.
Integrations coming soon


Tiller is purposefully designed and built to help you keep on top of time tracking without leaving your workflow. Tiller has a precision machined touch-sensitive aluminium dial that rotates on a high-quality bearing, and an LED indicator light that lets you know if you’re tracking a project or not.

Height 15mm

Diameter 63mm

USB Powered

Braided Cable

“Tiller is a beautiful way of tracking time. The physical aspect of it feels natural to use and it definitely makes me more aware of how much time I'm putting into projects, meetings and emailing. No more post-rationalising time sheets with iCal!"
Designer & Tiller Beta User
“As a lawyer, it can be difficult to remember to track your time. Sitting on my desk, Tiller looks good and makes time tracking front of mind, and makes the entire experience a lot more pleasant.”
Senior Legal Counsel
“Tiller is easy to use and makes keeping track of my projects and tasks simple and efficient. A great asset for a freelancer to accurately gauge time spent on all of my clients.”
Freelance Designer

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