Does Tiller have software?

Yes. Tiller comes with an app that runs on Mac and Windows - from macOS 10.10 and Windows 7 onwards.

Is time tracking all Tiller does? Does Tiller work with other things like my photoshop brushes or volume?

Right now, we're making sure that Tiller works really well for one thing: tracking your time. That means that Tiller doesn't work with other software or to do anything other than tracking your time. We’re thinking about opening up an API in the future though, keep in touch.

Does Tiller integrate with other software?

Yes! We’re launching integrations with Harvest, Toggl, WorkflowMax and AND CO in early 2019. We are taking requests for more programs, let us know what you’d like Tiller to work with at

Why does Tiller use USB?

The thing about USB is it’s really reliable, and it’s important that Tiller works every time you use it, as soon as you touch it. USB guarantees connectivity 100% of the time. Tiller is designed for people who work on computers at desks, and we think having a cord is the best solution for these people. It also means there's no battery charging to worry about.

Does Tiller work with USB-C?


The USB cord is removable, so it's really easy to swap out the cord included in the package and use a USB-C cord.

Is there going to be a bluetooth version?

Bluetooth is on our roadmap, but we don't have a release date yet.

Where and how is Tiller made?

Tiller is designed in Melbourne, Australia, and made in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is the electronics manufacturing capital of the world, and lots of devices you already own are made in Shenzhen.

We want to buy a lot of Tillers for our company. Do you do discounts on larger orders?

Shoot us an email and we can have a chat!

Where does the name Tiller come from?

A tiller is like a steering wheel for a boat. We want Tiller to be like that, but for your day - helping to steer your time and your business.

How about mobile apps?

Mobile apps for both iOS and Android are on our product roadmap.

Can I add a comment when I'm timing?

Yes you can! Simply double tap Tiller, and you're able to type and add a comment.