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Tiller makes tracking time as you work easier than ever before. Deliberately navigate through your day and spend more time doing productive work.
Beautiful hardware

The difference is the device.

Instantly start, stop, and switch.

Simply reach out and tap Tiller, and you're on. Or off.

Stay in flow.

Don't get distracted by opening programs or fumbling about in browser tabs.

Create the habit.

Tiller's physical presence helps you reinforce the habit of tracking time.
Powerful Reports
Better data, better decisions.

Detailed reports.

Get helpful overviews, then dive down to see all time tracked, right down to the second.

No more Friday timesheets.

Stop spending time chasing timesheets - get accurate time, submitted on time.

Increase your billing.

Studies show that tracking time as you work, compared with guessing at the end of the week, results in 30% more accuracy.
Seamless integrations

Seamless integrations.

Seamless sync.

Tiller's fast input works seamlessly with the tools you're already using to make them even more useful.

Smart import.

Tiller automatically maps your existing timer structure to our smart, flexible timers.
Powerful Reports
Tiller gives you everything you need to start tracking your time right now.

macOS & Windows

Native apps for macOS and Windows fit right in.

Offline support

Track time whether or not you have an internet connection.

Cloud sync

Never worry about lost data or billing.

Easy exports

Your data belongs to you - export it any time, painlessly.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use fast keyboard shortcuts and improve your efficiency.

Get Tiller.